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"This gorgeous bag [Bedazzled Tote] was handmade by my gifted friend Lissa of @lafcustomdesigns. It is even more beautiful than it was in the photos! She has a knack of combining fabrics and makes several different styles of bags, from small to large. I needed something large enough for my laptop and Remarkable2, plus the extra necessities, and this is perfect! Thank you for sharing your talent, Lissa!!"

Barbara Shallue

Lissa, oh my goodness - with tears in my eyes I am so blessed with such an amazing gift [Bedazzled Tote]. I wanted to reach out and tell you how touched my heart is and for the first time in a whle, I am truly smiling. God bless you.

Dawn Negrete


The bags and totes you see here are completely handmade by me alone in my sewing studio. I strive to create beautiful, well-crafted bags and totes for your everyday needs.

Your satisfaction is my priority and I welcome your feedback. 

When not in my sewing studio, I'm enjoying my elder dog, Kobi, and the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado!

About Me

Lissa A Forbes

Bag Maker

I am a Master of Do It Yourself. My mantra is "I wonder how they did that?" and before I know it I'm off trying to figure it out.

I'm a quilter and a bag maker, but have done home improvement projects, woodworking, ceramics, sketching, and writing.

I self-published a book, Write from the Inside: Dig for Treasures, Discover Yourself, Leave a Legacy. 

I love to learn and am always looking to improve my products and techniques.